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.At Cemig we value the prevention and fight against fraud, corruption and any act that may represent deviations from our already established standards.


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The word compliance means “to be in agreement with”. It is essential to ensure that the company complies with the social standards and legislation of the communities in which it operates. In other words, it is the primary function of compliance to monitor and ensure that everyone involved in a company complies with its conduct practices and internal standards, as well as the laws and regulations of where it is present.  

It’s no different here at Cemig. Based on our commitment to keep a high standard of ethics and integrity in the conduct of our business, we value the prevention and combat of fraud, corruption and any act that may represent deviations from our established standards.

To enhance transparency and honesty with our partners, we make our Compliance Requirements public to Material and Service Suppliers. In this document, we make several points clear, such as:

  • ethical principles and structure of our internal controls;
  • expectations and duties when conducting business with our partners;
  • minimum demands regarding the adoption of integrity and compliance requirements.

Furthermore, we also provide a Compliance Due Diligence Questionnaire, applied annually to contracted suppliers of both materials and services. Through this questionnaire, the Supplier Integrity Indicator is calculated, whose result is used in the Supplier Performance Monitoring, according to a specific rule.

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