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Proximity Program

.Project that aims to strengthen the relationship with communities near the hydroelectric power plants.

The welfare of people living near the hydropower plants is a priority for Cemig. The Proximity Program exists to strengthen dialogue and promote better relations with the communities surrounding these projects.

The Proximity program is based on the integration of relationship actions with the surrounding communities and on the holding of a cycle of meetings to explain to the population the operating procedures, the operational and structural safety (civil) adopted in the company’s hydroelectric plants, the meteorological conditions and their consequences on the water situation of the river basins and the aspects related to the Environmental Licensing of the projects.  

In addition, the Proximity program also promotes guided tours of the plants’ facilities.

Since 2005, the Company has been carrying out a series of actions aimed at integrating the communities in the areas of influence of the plants that suffer from periods of prolonged drought or water crises, always attentive to the issue of water availability in response to Multiple Uses, and also establishing partnerships with local leaders, bodies and agents responsible for safety and prevention of the effects of floods such as Civil Defense, Fire Department and Military Police, in addition to the regional press.

In order to illustrate and complement the information, a booklet is distributed to the participants with the theme “The Rainy Season and the Operation of Reservoirs”. In each plant where the event takes place, maps containing information on the municipalities, local hydrography, the plant and the control posts and monitoring of rainfall values and reservoir water level are distributed. An explanatory film on reservoir management during rainy seasons is also exhibited.

Developed from the joint action between Cemig’s planning, engineering, sustainability, environment and communication areas, the Proximity program intends to ensure greater reliability in the operation of the reservoirs and, therefore, guide the surrounding communities in a more accurate manner.

The entire process is certified by the ISO 9001 standard.