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Environmental Policy

.Environmental policy with basic principles focused on the practice of more sustainable actions, such as environmental protection and biodiversity conservation.

With our environmental policies we seek to use all-natural resources in a rational way, with proper preservation of the environment. Through the principles of the Environmental Policy, we also define our posture towards nature and its preservation, helping us to establish standards and mechanisms that enable employees and partners to transform this attitude into actions.  

Divided into seven principles, our Environmental Policy highlights the goals that will guide our work to reduce, compensate or eliminate any environmental impact generated by the company’s activities and ensure sustainable development.

Learn about the seven principles of our Environmental Policy:

Principle 1: At Cemig we plan, design and develop our activities, taking into account environmental implications.

Principle 2: We manage the environmental implications of our activities preventively.

Principle 3: We manage the significant environmental impacts of our activities by adopting mitigating measures and appropriate practices.

Principle 4: We seek feasible environmental valuation that can go beyond the management of impacts required by law, without, however, assuming responsibility for other Federal, State or Municipal government agencies.

Principle 5: We consider the participation of affected or interested communities during their activities in the project stages as enriching.

Principle 6: In addition to complying with applicable laws, regulations and government policies, we may supplement them with our own rules if necessary.

Principle 7: Respect for and appreciation of the environment is the responsibility of all our employees, partners and subsidiaries.