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Cemig Sports

.Cemig Platform in Sports aims to develop social actions in communities.

With the purpose of developing actions that may contribute to the social development of communities, the “Cemig Sports Network” was born. The multidisciplinary platform works on sports and education, jointly, in several neighborhoods and spaces in the metropolitan region of Belo Horizonte, focusing on children and youth.  

The initiative is a joint construction with the sport institutes INEED + INEEC + Argos+ “Arte pela Paz” (Art by Peace), sponsored by the Sports Law, in order to generate positive impact in the company’s contact with communities and reinforce our values of sustainability and social responsibility.  

Main goals:

  • Promoting sports, health and social welfare;
  • Valuing life and generating opportunities for the community;
  • Integration of fund transfers to meet society needs;
  • Fostering company/community partnership.