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Cemig Sponsors

.Encouragement of culture through social, sports and cultural projects.

Cemig is the biggest Culture promoter in Minas Gerais and one of the biggest in the country. Through cultural, sports and social projects, it estimates to impact more than 3 million people and reach more than 50 locations in the state. By uniting the volume of resources invested with the reach of Minas Gerais and Brazilian society, added to the cultural wealth and talent promoted, we glimpse a unique opportunity to develop structural and strategic programs that are organized based on values, concepts and transparent criteria, coupled with the company’s mission.

Project selection is carried out by a team made up of CEMIG employees and renowned professionals from the contemplated areas.

The cultural sponsorship policy, called PLATAFORMA ENERGIA DA CULTURA presents a transversal axis, which is the systematization and availability of contents, methodologies, project references and initiatives in art, culture and education. Thus, 04 main axes of action have been defined:

  • CULTURE AND EDUCATION: in this axis are the projects and actions that seek to create bridges of contact between the cultural diversity of Minas Gerais, the teaching spaces (formal or informal) and the transmission (personal or mediated by technology).
  • HERITAGE AND MEMORY: integrates the projects financed in the area of museums and memory in addition to sponsoring the large artistic groups that represent the intangible cultural heritage of Minas Gerais.
  • INNOVATION AND EXPERIMENTATION: an axis dedicated to projects that work in the field of creativity, subjectivity, perception, art as experience. They seek the enlargement of the subject’s space-time from contact with situations, works, activities that affect the senses, promoting desires, fantasies, dreams, apprehension of knowledge or simple emotion.
  • CIRCUITS AND FESTIVALS: An axis that encourages the circulation of cultural production in Minas Gerais. It encompasses both projects that seek interiorization and those that foster groups from all over the state territory. Besides the events, it is accompanied by indicators of the various aspects of social life that involve the cultural project, among them the local impact, job generation, visibility in the media, indexes that show the potential for economic dynamization and social development of cultural actions.

Sponsorships are granted by means of public notices, held by CEMIG and periodically disclosed on the company’s networks.

The partnership between CEMIG’s Culture and Incentive Management area and the State Secretariats of Culture and Tourism, and the Education Department of Minas Gerais has ensured greater reach, democratization and assertiveness in sponsorships, supporting strategic demands, fostering the creative economy of Minas Gerais, promoting social development and adding values to both the company and the sponsored.


Boys from Minas

In 2020, the Boys from Minas group completes 21 years of creation and activities based on the afro-mineral culture, through a group of presentations and workshops on music education and construction of musical instruments that formed more than 3,500 students, in Brazil and abroad (Germany, Portugal, Spain and the United States). During this period, the group held workshops, concerts, lectures, festivals, workshops, special projects, exchanges, recordings, and parades of afro-miners, in addition to releasing 02 independent CDs (Quintal (Backyard) and Tambores Meninos (Boys Drums).

IMuNe – Black Music Moment

It is a collective of artists whose main purpose is to promote the music of black artists, in addition to promoting reflection and debate about racism, promoting actions aimed at solving and eradicating this evil. Formed today by Bia Nogueira; Gui Ventura; Maíra Baldaia; Cleópatra; Rodrigo Negão and Raphael Sales, the project has already developed several initiatives to encourage various black artists, from Immune Night to other editions of Festivals and shows.

Ponto de Partida (Departure Point)

“Ponto de Partida” is a theatre group founded in “Barbacena” in 1980 by artists who decided they would not leave the city but would not accept the boundaries of the province either. Thus, it became an itinerant and independent repertoire company with 20 professionals in permanent exercise. “Ponto de Partida” created and systematized methods and processes of production and creation and developed its own language and a Brazilian dramaturgy that supports its 38 shows. True to its origins as a cultural movement, “Ponto de Partida” is currently directly responsible for the formation or the work of 323 people who are divided and added to its various activities and projects, such as Bituca: University of Popular Music and the Boys of Araçuaí.

Bituca: University of Popular Music

Bituca: University of Popular Music, created in 2004 by the group “Ponto de Partida”, has become a reference in the teaching of popular music in Brazil, having today about 80% of its alumni inserted in the job market. In its last cycle, it received apprentices from 65 cities who exercised themselves in the process of integral formation created and systematized by “Ponto de Partida” and the school masters.


Open to the public since 2006, Inhotim gathers a relevant collection of contemporary art and botany in a 140-hectare visitor area. The Institute is located in Brumadinho, where it promotes, through its educational actions, a relationship agenda with the surrounding community. Since its creation, it has received more than 3.3 million visitors, becoming, in the field of Culture, a reference in Brazil and the world.

“Ouro Preto” International Jazz Festival – Everything is Jazz

A pioneering festival that goes beyond the genre it celebrates. A plural, democratic event for the formation of audiences and artists in the largest historical city of Minas Gerais. There is quality music from Brazil and several countries on all hillsides, for everyone. This is the “Ouro Preto International Jazz Festival” – Everything is Jazz. It has been in existence for 17 years; more than 1,500 musicians have been present throughout the editions and the prestigious Down Beat quality label has elected it among the 10 best jazz festivals in the world. The curator and general direction is Maria Alice Martins, who turns from a concert to a pocket-show into an unforgettable experience. Every year the festival brings to “Ouro Preto” from renowned names of International Jazz to emerging musicians who need to be discovered by the public that loves good music.

Minas Gerais Philharmonic Orchestra – Minas Gerais Auditorium

Founded in 2008, through a public interest civil society organization (Oscip) sponsored by the state government, the Philharmonic was born with the audacious goal of being a Brazilian orchestra with a level of quality and artistic excellence and vigorous programming. Currently, the Philharmonic is a reference in Brazil, having won international awards, becoming a pride of the miners. In 2015 the orchestra opened the Sala Minas Gerais was designed to achieve international standards of acoustic excellence. Its sound should be perceived with proximity, clarity and involvement, for the musicians and the audience. The auditorium has capacity for 1480 seats.

“Contato” Films

“Contato” is a private, non-profit institution that, has been carrying out cultural projects for young people since 2001 in the search for the construction of a full citizenship based on social development through the relationship between youth and culture in contemporary times.

Currently, “Contato” develops training and cultural production projects in the fields of audiovisual, music, crafts, environment and international cooperation with countries in Africa, Latin America and Europe. One of the basic principles is to bring together young people from different social classes and cultures to act collaboratively and participatively in the independent cultural market.