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.Cemig's Research and Development Program has been running for almost 20 years and prepares the company for the challenges of the electricity sector.

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Our Research and Development (R&D) Program was created to bring more innovation to our company and prepare it for the many technological challenges in the electrical sector. The program has existed for almost twenty years and, since then, several differentiated and innovative strategies have been presented to define our services and guidelines.

Regulated by Aneel, the R&D also receives support from Law Nm. 9991, of July 2000, which establishes that concessionaires and permissionaires for distribution, generation and transmission of electric energy apply annually part of their net operating revenue in the Electric Energy Sector Research and Development Program.

Strategic Technology Management

With the implementation of Strategic Technology Management (STM), a system for formulating technological strategies in line with business guidelines, we also ensure the use of the most appropriate technologies, as well as prompt responses to changing scenarios, always keeping us prepared for the frequent changes in a dynamic and competitive market.