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.Cemig's Executive Board is composed of responsible people who believe in the strength we hold together.

Sala de Reuniões

Our board is made up of responsible people who believe in the strength we have together. There are several members involved in helping us grow responsibly and with efficient solutions for you, your home and your business.

Learn more about our Board members:

Executive Directors

Chief Executive Officer (CEO): Reynaldo Passanezi Filho
Cemig Generation and Transmission Director: Thadeu Carneiro da Silva
Cemig Distribution Director: Marney Tadeu Antunes
Cemig Commercialization Director: Dimas Costa
Chief Financial and Investor Relations Officer: Leonardo George de Magalhães
CemigPar Director: Marco da Camino Ancona Lopez Soligo
Regulatory and Legal Director: Eduardo Soares

Deputy Directors:

People Management: Hudson Felix Almeida
Corporate Communication and Sustainability: Cláudio Costa Bianchini
Corporate Services and Supplies: Osias da Silva Galantine
Information Technology: Luis Cláudio Correa Villani
Compliance, Corporate Risks and Internal Controls: Luiz Fernando de Medeiros Moreira
Strategy, Environment, Innovation: Maurício Dall Agnese
Institutional Relations and Head of the Presidency Office: Alexandre Ramos Peixoto
Special Projects: Carlos Eduardo de Moraes Barros Júnior

Auditing Committee

Effective Members

Pedro Carlos de Mello (Coordinator and Financial Expert)
Márcio de Lima Leite
Roberto Tommasetti
Afonso Henriques Moreira Santos

Board of Directors

Effective Members

Márcio Luiz Simões Utsch – Chairman (majority shareholders)
Jaime Leôncio Singer (majority shareholders)
Marcus Leonardo Silberman (majority shareholders)
José Reinaldo Magalhaes (majority shareholders)
Afonso Henriques Moreira Santos (majority shareholders)
Ricardo Menin Gaertner (majority shareholders)

Marcelo Gasparino da Silva (minority shareholders)
Roger Daniel Versieux (minority shareholders)
José João Abdalla Filho (preferred shareholders)
Paulo César de Souza e Silva (minority shareholders)
Anderson Rodrigues (employee representative)

Fiscal Council

Effective members
Gustavo de Oliveira Barbosa – Chairman (majority shareholders)
Fernando Scharlack Marcato (majority shareholders)
Elizabeth Jucá e Mello Jacometti (majority shareholders)
Michele da Silva Gonsales Torres (preferred shareholders)
João Vicente Silva Machado (minority shareholders)

Substitute members
Igor Mascarenhas Eto (majority shareholders)
Julia Figueiredo Goytacaz Sant’Anna (majority shareholders)
Fernando Passalio de Avelar (majority shareholders)
Ronaldo Dias (preferred shareholders)
Ricardo José Martins Gimenez (minority shareholders)