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.List of actions carried out in Cemig's Energy Efficiency program

Communities receive investments of R$ 25 million in energy efficiency and citizenship

Cemig, is benefiting thousands of low-income families in the Metropolitan Region of Belo Horizonte through its Energy Efficiency Program by replacing inefficient light bulbs, showers and refrigerators. In order to intensify the reduction of consumption and eliminate waste, residents receive instructions on the correct and safe use of energy.

The initiative, which began in May 2018, foresees the attendance of 70 thousand families with the replacement of 315 thousand inefficient light bulbs by other LEDs, 15 thousand electric showers by electronic showers with more accessible regulating rods and a thousand refrigerators until the end of 2019. “With the replacement of the equipment, we want to enable families to fully enjoy the benefits of electric energy, ensuring that this does not represent high costs in the household budget”, says William Brandão Gomes, energy efficiency analyst at Cemig.

The Energy Efficiency Program visits also present a number of opportunities for the beneficiaries, from clarifying doubts about energy efficiency and safety with the grid to the possibility for residents to signal their interest in registering for the Electricity Social Tariff and negotiating debts. In addition, the action promotes educational lectures and the allocation of mobile units to perform services.

Sociocultural Development

The Energy Efficiency Program has been expanding its horizons for a more participative and civic perspective. “When we know the reality and the routine of the places served, we can identify demands in other areas. This involvement allows us to think about resources that contemplate, for example, the cultural needs of the community,” comments William Brandão.

With the purpose of strengthening and democratizing access to educational and leisure activities in the communities served, Cemig and partner entities are promoting editions of the course of Preparation of Sociocultural Projects to train managers of the third sector and visits with students from public schools in concerts presented by the Philharmonic Orchestra of Minas Gerais.