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Ituiutaba families receive solar heating 

Cemig File 
Investment in the town from the Conviver Solar project will be R$ 460 thousand
About 230 needy families from the Carlos D. Leite Housing Estate in Ituiutaba will be benefited by the Intelligent Power Program – Conviver Solar Project, which reached the town last Tuesday (03/13).
The project is the fruit of a joint venture between the Government of Minas, Cemig and the State of Minas Gerais Housing Company (Cohab) and will replace electric showers with a solar water heating system. Investment by the Conviver Solar Project in the town will be R$ 460 thousand.
The solar heating system implemented consists of the solar heater and a low voltage electric shower, which on colder days keeps the water hot without excessive outgoings for power.
The equipment will be installed by a specialized professional who will also instruct residents on how to use the system.
According to the project coordinator, Jander Gonçalves Faria, of the RC/PA, the purpose of implementing the solar heating system is to reduce electricity consumption at peak times (between 5 and 10 p.m.), which results in lowering the electricity bill.
 “The families attended to, who at present consume an average 150 kWh a month, will have a reduction of up to 40% in total electricity consumption. In cash, this saving can amount to R$ 50.00, which can be used for other expenses, such as food, school material, clothing and even payment on the mortgage”, he states.
Besides getting a new power generating system and a better quality of life, the communities catered for by the project will also be advised on how to use electricity efficiently and safely, and the benefits of using alternative power sources, by means of awareness raising campaigns.
“We want to create a new consumer culture and show these families that by using power efficiently and avoiding waste, they will be contributing to their own well-being and to the future of the planet”,  Jander stresses.
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