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Cemig provides R$ 20 million for energy efficiency projects
The information was disclosed in Sete Lagoas, during the First Public Call Workshop



Cemig will invest this year about R$ 20 million in energy efficiency projects in the state through a public call. The information was disclosed yesterday (04/20) in Sete Lagoas, during the First Public Call Workshop sponsored by the company for clarification to the stockholders in presenting projects that may be included with the funds of the Energy Efficiency Program.
In the first quarter of this year, Cemig invested approximately R$ 6.3 million in projects for exchange of electric showers of solar heating showers and replacement of inefficient lighting in institutions and homes of COHAB, among others.

According to Leonardo Rivetti, Energy Efficiency Manager of Cemig, concessionaires and licensees of public services of electricity distribution must apply, annually, the amount of at least 0.5% of their Net Operating Income (NOI) in actions that aim to combat the waste of electricity, which is the Energy Efficiency Program - PEE of Distribution Companies.

"Since last year, Aneel determines what part of this percentage is made available through Public Calls, aiming to provide more transparency and democratize the application of funds. In First Public Call occurred last year were made available R$ 10 million and only one project could be contemplated. For the Second Call, we doubled the value and believe that with the information provided in this Workshop, more projects will succeed," says Rivetti.
The other part of the funds, not available through the Public Call, is invested in educational projects for low-income population.
Respecting this legislation, Cemig, through its Energy Efficiency Program, promotes actions for conscious and efficient use of electricity, also contributing to this moment that the reservoirs are in the recovery phase, after a long period of hydrologic unfavorable conditions
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