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 A power cogeneration plant helps enable a factory in Triângulo
This enterprise will contribute to maintaining 2.3 million jobs
Cemig, along with Efficientia, has signed a performance contract this Wednesday (01/20) with Bem Brasil Alimentos for the implementation of a biomass power and steam cogeneration plant at the Perdizes unit in Triângulo. The project, made possible by Efficientia, a wholly owned subsidiary of Cemig, has an investment of R$ 30 million, funds from the Energy Efficiency Program (PEE) of the company, regulated by the National Electric Energy Agency (Aneel).
The start-up is scheduled for September this year, and when the project is fully implemented, within 18 months, savings from 35% to 40% are estimated on electric bill of Bem Brasil, an amount that will be used as a refund to the Concessionaire for the investment in the project. “This is one of the largest projects of our portfolio, "says Alexandre Heringer Lisboa, CEO of
According to the president of Bem Brasil, João Rocheto, without the support of Efficientia, the project would not yet be able to come into operation this year. “Cemig's help is very important to us and to the region in which the plant will be installed, as well as to the municipalities of Santa Juliana, Pedrinópolis, and Perdizes. Bem Brasil accounts for the generation of at least 300 direct jobs and about 2 thousand indirect ones”, says John Rocheto.
Cemig's president, Mauro Borges Lemos, has stressed that the plant will generate energy savings for Bem Brasil, also contributing to reduce the overload of the National Interconnected System (SIN). “Imagine if all the big companies were able to generate part of the energy they consume. It would bring great benefits to the entire electrical system, especially in these times of water crisis we are going through, "says the President.
The project
The cogeneration system will be installed in the industrial plant of the unit to produce steam for the production processes and, at the same time, generate electric power in a generation plant with a rated capacity of 7.5 MWe.
An electricity production of 54000 MWh/year is estimated, serving more than half of the unit's current demand. The financial contribution will be refunded by Bem Brasil to Cemig, based on the energy savings obtained. The enterprise will also avoid the emission of approximately 7200 tons of CO2/year.
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