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The Campos de Luz Program is a partnership between Cemig and the city hall of municipalities in the concession area of the company, in which Cemig implements lighting in amateur soccer fields or sports courts and the municipal government bears the maintenance costs and energy bill. In order for the municipalities to take part in this program, they  cannot be indebted to Cemig.
The program began in 2005, reaching approximately 870 amateur soccer fields up to the moment. In the current edition, the novelty is the inclusion of multisport courts in the project. There are 250 amateur soccer fields and 50 multisport courts that will receive electric lighting.
The planned investment is of the order of R$ 15 million, and will be used for the drawing up of lighting projects, the acquisition of materials and the implementation of the works. Among the 300 fields/courts to be lit, as provided in the project, about 65 of them were completed in 2016, totaling an investment of approximately R$ 6 million.
As a result, the company is expected to improve its image, increase energy sales and reduce delinquency.
For the society, it is expected to provide the improvement of the quality of life and social inclusion with the practice of sports, leisure and cultural activities, especially in the evening.
In order to measure the effectiveness of the project, Cemig uses two indicators, one about the business perspective and another about the society's perspective, as follows:
KPI 1: Return of the investment on the Campos de Luz Program.
The return of the investment on this social program to Cemig is measured by the following benefits:
- Positive press coverage of the Program: The dissemination of the Campos de Luz Program strengthens Cemig's image;
- Revenue recovery: In order for municipalities to participate in this program, they must regulate debts with Cemig
- Increased revenue: The implantation of the reflectors generates an incremental consumption, generating a new source of revenue for Cemig;
These benefits are measured in financial terms and sums to achieve the return of the investment.
KPI 2: The costs avoided by the society, as a result of the illumination of fields.
The KPI measures, objectively (monetary results), the various benefits generated by the lighting of a soccer field: increasing its availability for sports and events; increasing the value of surrounding properties; improving security awareness and increasing social inclusion.


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