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Executive Business Development Office

In 2011 the Executive Business Development Office was created to implement at Cemig a modern and competitive model to develop and analyze business opportunities in the sectors in which it operates. Thus, the executive office works to seek out, analyze and develop new businesses in the areas of electric energy generation, transmission and distribution, natural gas and other areas that present synergies.

Cemig’s growth is linked to the Company’s strategic planning process. In the growth process, the executive office promotes, coordinates, assesses and structures opportunities for the acquisition of new assets in all the sectors and activities directly or indirectly related to its corporate objective, including businesses related to taking advantage of carbon credits. In addition, the structuring of a new business requires technical, economic-financial and environmental feasibility analyses in conjunction with the other related Executive Offices.

The Brazilian electric sector model promotes competition between the agents through auctions for new transmission lines and new generation plants connected to the National Interconnected System. Cemig pays close attention to opportunities to participate in these auctions and in bidding processes to obtain concession grants in all its areas of operation.

Cemig also monitors the Brazilian energy planning process, conducted by the Energy Research Company (EPE), which is linked to the Ministry of Mines and Energy (MME).

In order to maintain its businesses and expand in the market, the Company monitors its stakes in other businesses by supervising the management and the development of controlled companies and affiliates, observing good corporate governance criteria and working to fulfill its business plans and to plan for its investment program.

Competitive Intelligence Center

Cemig’s Competitive Intelligence Center collects, analyzes, transfers and disseminates relevant knowledge and information in order to assist in decision making, transforming decisions into concrete actions and producing results that are aligned with the Company’s strategy.

This way, the center monitors the evolution of the economic, institutional, competition and regulatory environment of its whole subsidiaries, controlled companies and affiliates. It anticipates new trends in the energy sector by observing regulatory changes, mergers and acquisitions in the sector and the behavior of suppliers, competitors and partners. It also participates in the development of the strategic plan produced by the Executive Business Development Office for businesses in the electric energy generation, transmission and distribution, telecommunications, services and natural gas sectors.

Competitive intelligence

Engineering studies


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