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Ranking third among the largest generators in the country, Cemig, through its wholly owned subsidiaries, controlled companies and affiliates for generation have operating 83 power plants, 78hydroelectric plants, 01 thermoelectric plant, 01 photovoltaic energy plant and 03 wind plants, with 5.5 MW of installed capacity.
Concession Agreement
Cemig signed in early January 2016, in the Ministry of Mines and Energy, in Brasilia, the Concession Agreement for the operation of 18 plants of Lot D, auctioned for R$ 2.26 billion in Auction No. 12/2015, held by Aneel in November of last year. Thus, Cemig will operate major plants in Minas Gerais, such as Três Marias (Central region), Salto Grande (Vale do Aço), Camargos and Itutinga (South of Minas Gerais).
Besides them, Cemig won five new hydroelectric power plants: Ervália, Coronel Domiciano, Sinceridade, Neblina and Dona Rita, also in Minas Gerais. The new assets added other 20 MW to the Cemig's Power Generation and Transmission Facilities. The total power of 18 plants is approximately 700 MW.
The power generation is responsible for a significant share of the profit of Cemig.  In the balance of the third quarter of 2015, these assets accounted for 81.2% of company's profit. In total, the lot won guarantees an income of R$ 500 million per year for Cemig, in the next three decades.
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