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Cemig is the largest energy distribution group in the Country, mainly in the states of Minas Gerais and Rio de Janeiro, through the activities of Cemig Distribuição and Light, which jointly supply electric energy to more than 10 million consumer units.
The concession area of Cemig Distribuição S/A (Cemig D) covers 567.740 square kilometers, nearly 96% of the State of Minas Gerais, encompassing 774 municipalities and 5.415 localities, supplying more than 18.2 million inhabitants as established by the 2007 IBGE Population Census.
The company is the largest electric energy distributor in Brazil in terms of network extension, relying on 453.935 kilometers of distribution network (91.465 kilometers of urban networks and 362.470 kilometers of rural networks) and 16.835 kilometers of distribution lines. 
Moreover, Cemig D has the greatest low-income consumer supply rate in Brazil. The Company services approximately 2.4 million low-income consumers, that is, 42.9% of the total number of consumers in the residential consumer class.
The company controlled by Cemig, together with Light S/A, operates in the distribution of electric energy through Light Serviços de Eletricidades S.A. There are more than 3.9 million consumers served in an area of 10,970 km2 in the State of Rio de Janeiro, serving roughly 10 million people, out of a total of 15.4 million inhabitants.

Light divides its concession area into three regions: Metropolitan, Grande Rio and Vale do Paraíba. The goal is to provide even more effective services and to be closer to customers.
Having acquired 26.2% of the total capital in Renova, Light will add 54.3% to its installed capacity, which will rise to 1,319 MW after 2014. The aim is to reach free and special clients in Brazil’s major consumer markets.

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