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Energia Alterosa Thermoelectric Co-generation Plant
Efficientia is a company belonging to the Cemig Group. Since 2002 it has been working on implementing power efficiency at Cemig's customers. In 2011 the Company was structured to work on new business fronts in the power and utilities area, consolidating Efficientia’s responsibility in developing and implementing environmental and economically sustainable projects.

The Company renders development and technical and financial feasibility services for customers, implements projects for power cogeneration and utility centers, offers consultancy to optimize the energy matrix at industrial plants, gives in-person and virtual training on energy management and also offers consultancy for ISO standard 50001 certification.
In 2011 Efficientia signed contracts with customers from the industrial and service sectors to implement a number of projects such as: modernization of compressed-air generation systems; installation of frequency inverters to control pumping and ventilation system engine speeds; modernization of lighting systems using LED technology; and modernization of air conditioning systems.
The energy efficiency projects implemented by the Company, afford not only effective energy savings but also power reduction at the electric systems’ peak hours, thereby also configuring as demand side management projects.


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