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Cemig, in its businesses, is guided by several different practices and policies which align all its activities and relationships with respect to ethical and moral concepts. For the Company, it is of fundamental importance to deal in a transparent manner with the different publics with which it relates, with the purpose of managing its businesses based on concepts of sustainability.

Therefore, Cemig understands it is essential to expand awareness among all its publics with regard to its culture and values, in addition to disseminating its ethical values among employees and stakeholders, aiming at maintaining relationships that are based on trust and respect. Ethics is an indispensable value for professionals, since it guides conduct and all attitudes that must be assumed in their performance at work.

Always observing transparency in relations and enhancing ethical conduct, Cemig conducts its business in the electric sector by performing with profitability, quality and social responsibility.

Cemig Ethics Commission​

Commitment to Human Rights​​

Consultations and Whistleblowing Reports​

Ethical Principles and AntiFraud Policy

Global Pact​

State Code for Ethical Conduct



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