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As a result of the efforts made by Cemig ,various segments of society have recognized the excellence of its activities, resulting in several awards, among which we emphasize:
Dow Jones Index of Sustainability – It is a financial performance indicator. It was launched in 1999 as the first financial performance indicator of companies that are leaders in sustainability at global level. Companies rated under this index, indexed to the Stock Exchange of New York, are ranked as the most skilled to create value to the stakeholders in the long term, through risk management associated to both economical and environmental and social factors. Cemig is being ranked for the 17th time in a row. (Holding)
Corporate Sustainability Index –Bovespa’s CSI – Promotion of a list of companies that widen the understanding about themselves and groups committed to sustainability, distinguishing them in terms of quality, level of commitment to the sustainable development, equality, transparency and accounting, nature of the product, besides the corporate performance in economic, financial, social, environmental and climate changes scenarios – 12th consecutive year. (Holding)
Corporation leader in climate change management in Latin America –Cemig was selected by Carbon Disclosure Project (CDP) because of the quality of the information it discloses to both its investors and global market. CDP Latin America is a non-profit international organization that promotes sustainable economies. Every year, thousands of companies provide the organization with climate information and the nest results indicate a high level of transparency whilst disclosing information related to this issue, providing the investors with consistent contents about the management in climate changes. (Holding)

Top 100 Green Utilities – Cemig was included, in the 24th position, in the Top 100 Green Utilities ranking, made public by American advisor Energy Intelligence, a ranking that gathers the one hundred companies in the worldwide power sector with the lowest greenhouse gas emissions (CO2) and highest capacities installed to generate renewable source power. According to the survey, 98% of Cemig’s generation capacity correspond to sources of clean power, ranking the Company in the 8th position when it comes to capacity to generate from renewable matrixes and in the 9th position when it comes to emission of greenhouse gases per MWh generated, the best position among power generating companies in Brazil. (Cemig GT)
Euronext Vigeo Index – Emerging 70 – Cemig was selected as one of the best companies in the emerging market, by Euronext Vigeo Index – Emerging 70. This index distinguishes the companies that have reached the most advanced environmental and social performances, and have adopted the best practices in corporate governance. (Holding)

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Valor 100 – Transmissora Aliança de Energia Elétrica S.A – for the second consecutive year Taesa, a company from Grupo Cemig, was chosen as the Best Company from the Power Sector in Brazil by Valor Econômico newspaper yearbook "Valor 1000", which analyzed 1,000 companies in 25 economy sectors. (Taesa)
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