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Suppliers and contracted parties

Cemig seeks to align suppliers and contractors to its sustainability vision, commitments and business values.
Because of its legal nature (joint stock Company) Cemig is subject to the Federal Law No. 8666 of 06/21/1993 establishing rules for bidding and agreements of direct Public Administration, being extended to joint stock companies. Thus, Cemig should keep isonomic relationship without further distinctions and preferences for hiring local suppliers or any other category.
However, being respected the legal restrictions, Cemig established partnerships and supports specific programs that promote the development of local products and suppliers sponsored by business and government entities representing the promotion and development.  At the same time, they also keep with suppliers, partnerships in Research and Development projects, seeking innovative solutions, product improvements and technological modernization.
In order to maintain an effective contact with suppliers, the Procurement Portal was developed, a direct and appropriate communication channel.
The website is available to the public and brings all procedures of active bidding, and allow monitoring by all citizens, providing transparency and good faith to the processes. The Procurement Portal provides more agility and reliability to the bidding process. Currently 98% of Cemig bids are made through electronic auctions, via Procurement Portal.
Cemig also developed a Procurement Policy and Manual for Relationship with Suppliers. In it, you can find the commitments, focusing on the search for excellence in Cemig's relationship with its customers and suppliers.
In 2010 it was implemented the Cemig Suppliers Award, which established a milestone in the relationship between the Parties, and encourage quality in the manufacture of materials and the provision of services and recognize the harmony between suppliers and Cemig in order to achieve common goals. At the event, they also highlight the best suppliers with social responsibility, environmental responsibility, health and safety practices.


Environmental preservation

General Clauses of Supply Agreement  ​​

General Clauses for Purchase Orders​

Performance Indicators

Procurement Portal

Qualification of suppliers

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Risk Management 

Social responsibility

Supplier Development and Recognition Program

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