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Risk management 

In order to increase corporate operational efficiency, in 2012 Cemig formalized the risk analysis relating to losses resulting from failures in control process and compliance with legislation relating to environmental, social and governance requirements in the supply chain.
Factors were considered, such as environmental standards for operations, products and services from suppliers, environmental permit, waste management, authorization for use of water, fundamental human rights, forced labor, child labor, freedom of association, working conditions and schedules, practices for dismissal and remuneration, occupational health and safety, business ethics, corruption and anti-competition practices.
The analysis is based on potential risks, probabilities, tangible and intangible impacts on the Company.
As a key factor in managing these risks, controls and effective actions for mitigation are used, from the stage of selection and registration of suppliers, through technical and documentary requirements reviews in line with the relevant legislation to the stage of supply of equipment and provision of services, through strict supervision and control.
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