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Performance indicators 
The performance of material suppliers is monitored by the IDF indicator - Supplier Performance Index which was implemented in 2007.
The IDF consists of the following requirements: price; supply; register; quality and warranty / service. Each requirement has sub-criteria, which are: price - level and price history; supply - meeting deadlines and quantities, shipping standards for packaging and invoices; register - cadastral regularity and penalties; quality - receiving inspection and Industrial Technical Evaluation - ATI; of service / guarantee - response times for triggering the retention and receipt of material, recurrence of problems and documentation errors.
The indicator currently has an annual target of 80%, and the amount recorded in 2017 was 80.02%, the improvement of this indicator is strongly linked to the Assured Supply Program.
The implementation of works and services providers is monitored by IQSC indicator - Contracted Service Quality Index.
The IQSC evaluates safety requirements practiced in contractors, quality of services provided, environment and waste management.
The IQSC indicator consists of various safety requirements that consider the frequency rate of leave accidents with personnel engaged, severity rate of occupational accidents, Safety practiced by contractor's personnel, Safety found in the workplace and Safety found in vehicles.
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