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In the relationship with the supplier, Cemig values the conservation of natural resources and the environment. In addition, proper storage, handling and disposal of waste generated in industrial activity or provision of services are controlled in accordance with the relevant legislation criteria.
Thus, in order to reduce costs and environmental preservation, Cemig reintegrates its material stock in good condition, coming from remnants works. It is also performed the recovery of used equipment through its own workshops or services contracted from third parties.
Another initiative is the use of insulating vegetable oil in transformers for substation, which increases the life cycle of the transformer and reduces the possibility of fire. The vegetable oil is 90% biodegradable and free from substances that may negatively affect the environment.
Also aiming to protect the national flora and in compliance with the SDA Normative Instruction No. 4 of 01/06/2004, imported material and wood packaging, necessarily should be sent a copy of Fumigation / Phytosanitary Certificate. It is not required that certificate if the wood packaging and their supporters come marked with the international symbol from countries reporting to Brazil.
From the 2012 edition of Cemig Suppliers Award, it is highlighted with the trophy of the best Cemig's supplier with Environmental Responsibility practices, particularly with voluntary actions of environmental awareness and conservation in areas surrounding its industrial unit.
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