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Communication channels
Cemig makes various communication channels available with the goal of facilitating and streamlining its relationship with its clients and diverse publics.
OmbudsmanThe Ombudsman is a post-service channel that operates impartially and serves to establish contact between consumers and Cemig in order to improve the services rendered. It should be contacted after contacting the primary service channels, such as Speak with Cemig (116) and service agencies.

The goal is to register and appropriately deal with complaints, suggestions, reports of wrongdoing and complements regarding the services rendered by the Company. The Ombudsman may also suggest managerial and procedural changes to the Company, following analysis and interpretation of the perceptions of consumers through reports that highlight the main deficiencies or irregularities.
Speak with Cemig
By dialing 116 at any time, 24 hours a day, people can receive specialized service from professionals trained to deal with issues related to all the services offered by Cemig.
Online service / Virtual Agency
The Virtual Agency, hosted on the Cemig Portal, was created especially to serve clients. Through it, clients can find most services in an on-line form in an easy-to-use format. Technical norms, information on tariffs, consumption tips and other information are also available.
Service via on-line Chat
Through this channel clients can talk on-line with a Cemig representative.
Service by e-mail
Using e-mail, clients can request services by filling out one of the available service forms, which include forms for service requests, complaints, suggestions, reports of wrongdoing and others.
Cemig SMS
By sending a text message (SMS) to the number 29810, clients can accomplish various things such as reporting power outages, send meter readings and confirm recent energy bill payments. The service is free and results in even faster consumer service.
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