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 The Minas Gerais Energy Company - Cemig, the company that performs the generation, transmission and distribution of electric energy believes that, to achieve effectiveness in its business, it needs to adequately protect its own employees, as well as those hired through subcontracted companies, and also the community, which is directly or indirectly affected by its operational system.


 2.1  The identification, evaluation and the control of risks to health and to safety of its workers and of the community and the integrity of sponsorship are integral parts of the activities performed in all work-related processes from project design to construction, assembly, operation and maintenance of equipment and facilities.

 2.2  Proactivity is the basic premise of the promotion of health and occupational safety guided by the continuous pursuit of improvement, the actions to be disclosed to interested parties.

 2.3  Incident prevention and the promotion of health must comply with legislation and internal requirements applicable to existing risk factors in the Company.

 2.4  Safety is inherent in the job.  No job may be done without safety.  No urgency or importance or any other reason may be invoked to justify the lack of job safety.

 2.5  Any employee, either of the company or those hired through subcontracted companies is guaranteed the right to refuse to carry out a task in which the Occupational Safety measures are not met.

 2.6  The fulfillment of actions related to the promotion of health and safety is a commitment of all employees: our own, and those hired through subcontracted companies independent of the hierarchical level.  Exempting oneself from this commitment will result in the due accountabilities.

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