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Human Resources Policy
The permanent quest for competitiveness and corporate profitability, within a posture of respect for constitutional, legal, environmental and social precepts, unfolds through the adoption of policies permeated by ethics, transparency and mutual respect, which characterizes labor relations.
These policies cover: providing personnel, labor and union relations, the formation and development of workers as professionals and as people, occupational health and safety, social monitoring, remuneration and benefits, as well as the promotion of communication with employees.
The Cemig Human Resources Policy reinforces the Company’s goal of being The Best Energy in Brazil. In this context, Cemig believes that the best energy in Brazil is the energy of its people, which is why it considers and recognizes each one of its employees as being essential to the fulfillment of the Company’s mission. 
See some principles:
• Cemig meets, quantitatively and qualitatively, its corporate needs and demands with people that possess the competencies required by the Company and established in the position profiles.
•Remunerates and provides benefits to its employees in an advanced and competitive manner, in consonance with the best practices in the market and maintains with them a relationship channel by means of ethical and transparent attitudes.
•Cemig promotes the continuous training and development of its employees, aligning them with the Company’s needs and challenges. It seeks to maximize the performance of its human capital and of the corporate results, as part of the effort towards achieving a balance between personal and professional life.
• Cemig recognizes the Union Entities as the legitimate representatives of its employees and seeks to make feasible, permanently, all corporately acceptable means of reaching negotiated solutions.
• Cemig understands that, in order to be The Best Energy in Brazil, it needs to seek, continuously, to also be the safest energy and that is why it establishes health, safety and well-being principles that constitute its Health, Safety and Well-Being Policy.
​​​Human Resources Policy Cemig
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