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Internship program


Every year Cemig offers the Internship Program for technical high school students and university students, with placements spread throughout the State. The Fiemg System, in partnership with the Euvaldo Lodi Institute (IEL), which is an expert in internship management in Brazil, assists Cemig in the selection of students.

In order to enroll, the candidate must be enrolled and attending the second-last or last year of their course, for the university-level internship program. For technical high school internships, the candidate must be in the final year or have finished the course and be in need of the internship in order to obtain a diploma.

The interns selected receive a school assistance scholarship and have the right to personal injury insurance and transportation vouchers.

Internship 2012

For 2012, 379 positions were offered with 219 being university level and 160 being technical level. The selection tests, which cover general knowledge and current affairs, were conducted over the internet in the same manner as the enrollments.

The internship will last for eight months, with a workload of four hours per day.

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