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Cemig values the good relationship it has with its customers, and tries to listen to and understand customers in order to improve its services in response to their demands. In this way, the company develops several service channels and forms of relationship with its different publics.

The service channels with customers are defined according to market segmentation and customer grouping, taking into account the analyses of the surveys conducted with each customer group to measure satisfaction.

Learn about Cemig’s service channels to ensure a good relationship with its customers:

Cemig Fácil service agency
The 774 townships in Minas Gerais that are in Cemig’s concession area rely on face-to-face service through its 156 agencies and 621 service stations of Cemig Fácil (Easy Cemig). In the establishments, customers can ask the Company for all kinds of services. The service stations work in partnership with several commercial establishments such as supermarkets, pharmacies, bakeries, among others. 

Talk to Cemig
Customers can phone 116 and request services, make suggestions and lodge complaints.

Simplified Service Point - PAS
The Simplified Service Point (PAS) is a service channel implemented in partnership with the city halls with the objective of servicing the communities of small townships.

Relationship Agent
Geared to free customers, the public authorities and medium voltage customers, the relationship agents are an effective way to identify customers’ needs and expectations, as well as attend to them in the most suitable way to meet their demands. They pay calls and keep up daily contact with the customers.

Cemig Mais
Set up in 2009, Cemig Mais (Cemig Plus) is an exclusive channel to serve medium voltage customers who have different facilities and specific power demand contracts. The service is rendered by phone and e-mail by dedicated marketing agents specialized in the customers’ branches of business.

Virtual Agency
A channel provided on the Cemig Portal in which all the Company’s customers can request commercial services online and be certain of a compensating, practical and safe outcome.

The services provided at the Virtual Agency are divided into five groups, each of them with its own characteristics: residential (low voltage), medium and high voltage, real estate, those accredited, city halls and Cemig staff.

Among the possible service requests, customers can ask the Virtual Agency for bill duplicates, meter readings, billing histories, changes in address for bill delivery, maintenance of public lighting, power shortages, contract terminations, and reconnections, new connections, due date alterations, service interruption information, and damage refunds, tree pruning, and temporary connections, among others. 

0800 Telephone Line
This is a specific communication free-of-charge channel for customers of corporate groups, by reason of the nature of the business, and through which emergency requests are monitored.

Social Networks
With the evolution and increasingly ongoing presence of social networks on the Internet, Cemig monitors and responds to manifestations, inquiries and complaints by customers over services rendered by the Company. Check out the networks Cemig is present at.

Ombudsman’s Office
In 2002, Cemig was first in the power sector to set up its own Ombudsman’s Office, channel acting impartially for the purpose of establishing a link between citizens and the Company, in the quest to improve services rendered. 

The Ombudsman’s Office is a channel for post-service that consumers may turn to after primary service channels such as Speak with Cemig (116 telephone line) and physical service agencies have been set in motion by the consumer.

The Ombudsman’s Office registers and deals with all complaints, suggestions, reports of wrongdoing and compliments lodged by citizens concerning the services rendered by the Company. The office suggests changes in the Company’s structure and procedures following analyses and interpretation of the citizen’s perception.

Consumer Council
Set up in 1994, the Consumer Council represents the collective interests of consumers and promotes their defense, forwarding suggestions, cooperating in follow-up and supplying Cemig with reports of wrongdoing and complaints based on the general conditions for electric energy supply.

Procon Channel
Since 2006 Cemig has used the Procon Channel, developed to serve exclusively the demands of the public authority whose aim is to defend and ensure consumer rights. The channel has enhanced Procon’s work by speeding up customer service and enabling some needs to be attended to immediately, which avoids unnecessary administrative proceedings.

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