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Cemig’s Research and Development (R&D) program is aimed at encouraging the constant search for innovations and coping with the technological challenges of the electrical sector.

In this context, the electric energy distribution, generation and transmission utilities and concession holders have to invest annually a minimum percentage of their net operational revenues in the Electric Energy Sector Research and Development Program, according to Law 9.9991, of July/2000.

It’s the National Electric Energy Agency (Aneel) that regulates the investment in the program and evaluates the conditions for the execution of the research, and monitors the results. The Agency also establishes the directives and guidelines that regulate the execution of R&D projects, through the Electric Energy Sector Research and Development Manual.

The programs are divided into cycles and can be constituted by one or more projects. Each annual cycle is initiated in September and finished in August of the next year. At this time, the companies send their programs to the Agency, observing the dates established in the concession contracts or those determined by Aneel. After approval, the execution of the projects is initiated. 

Strategic Technology Management

In 2009, almost R$ 10 million were invested in more over 80 projects that being conducted. In addition, 58 new projects were selected and will be undertaken beginning in 2010, for a total of almost R$ 65 million in investments in the area.

In 2009, another 265 project proposals were analyzed in order to compose a new R&D program cycle that will be prioritized by the Technological Forums held by Cemig in 2010. The expected funding for this portfolio of projects is on the order of R$ 45 million. 
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