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Technical norms 

The establishment, dissemination and utilization of technical norms - internal, Brazilian, regional, and international – have always been recognized by Cemig as key factors for service excellence and enhanced competitiveness.

With this in mind and with the understanding that the adoption and implementation of norms allows the Company to promote the registration of its technological domain, Cemig started structuring this process in 1959, when Conem - the Materials and Equipment Norms Committee - was created to manage and execute activities aimed at the utilization of technical norms.
Since then, this structure has been evolving and improving in order to, among other aspects, keep pace with the Company’s development and the diversification of its businesses, stay permanently in tune with the domestic and international technical norm entities and adapt itself to the speed of the technical evolution of materials, equipment and accessories acquired for the expansion and steady improvement of its electrical system.
Internal norms

External norms

The interaction with the supply market
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