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Brand and patent office

The Cemig Brand and Patent Office is responsible for protecting and guaranteeing the privilege and right of use for the innovations developed by its employees, besides the products from the Research and Development Program (R&D).

Cemig is the electric energy utility with the largest number of patents registered with the National Institute of Industrial Property - Inpi in the country. Currently, the company has been awarded eight patents, has 47 currently being processed, and owns 29 registered trademarks and 24 computer programs. 

The Office understands the importance and the benefits of protecting technological knowledge, which can generate economic benefits from the creations, exclusive means of production and guaranteed sales, an increase in efficiency at work due to the use of more appropriate technologies and a boost to creativity, to personal and professional growth, as well as corporate excellence.

Among the activities undertaken by the Office, the main attributions are the registration of the creations with the National Institute of Industrial Property - Inpi, the monitoring and orientation of the authors regarding the process of privilege requests, in addition to the registration and commercialization of Cemig’s intellectual property. The Office also takes responsibility for partnership activities with research institutions and strengthens R&D activities by working with development agencies, university research institutions and government agencies.
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