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Talent Contest
Annually, Cemig holds a Talent Contest with the objective of selecting artists to expose artworks including paintings, drawings, sculptures, models, videos, ceramics, tapestries, photographs and installations at the CEMIG Cultural Space Art Gallery, located at its head office in Belo Horizonte.
The goal of the Contest is to promote and disseminate examples of fine and visual art. In addition, it is aimed at stimulating creativity and offering to artists, students and the public an opportunity to learn about and participate in erudite and popular artistic production in Minas Gerais, Brazil and abroad and thereby contribute to people’s cultural development.
The regulations and enrollment form are available on the Cemig website and the enrollment period is widely announced. The works, received from various regions of the country, are judged by a curator Council formed of representatives from the art sector linked to renowned universities and art schools in Minas Gerais and Brazil. This Council may, at Cemig’s discretion, include the participation of art critics and specialized journalists.
The works selected are shown the following year, in accordance with a calendar agreed to by the Curator and the selected artists.
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