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In 2010 Cemig reinforced its position as a Company committed to society as all the permanent education spaces such as museums, libraries and theaters were maintained, as were all the university extension festivals, some with Cemig as the sole sponsor. Demands from all cultural segments were met in approximately 30 cities and towns in Minas Gerais, not counting Belo Horizonte. Also made possible were innovative projects such as the legends of the São Francisco, by Ronaldo Fraga, the first fashion initiative approved by the Ministry of Culture.

With regard to cultural sponsorships, Cemig utilized tax waiver laws, but also financed maintenance actions with own resources through agreements to support the actions of the Estrada Real Institute and through a partnership with the State Department for Culture aimed at establishing the “Cemig Popular Art Center”, which is to be part of the “Praça da Liberdade Cultural Circuit”, a Minas Gerais government strategic initiative.

Cultural sponsorships totaled 192 projects. Social projects, coordinated by the Voluntary Social Assistance Service (Servas), by the Child and Adolescent Rights Councils and the AI 6% Program, totaled 180. Cemig also undertook projects through the Sports Law, which included, in addition to football, swimming and rugby, events for the athletes with physical disabilities, such as those from the Apae – Association of Friends and Families of People with Special Needs schools in Ipatinga, with a total investment of R$ 3.71 million.

Cemig’s guiding principles were continuity, alignment with the Company’s strategy with regard to the attributes of reputation and the social dimension, creativity and risk management within the context of the financial crisis in 2010. Within this contextualization, it became clear that the decisions made in the socio-cultural scope would no longer be “goodwill attitudes” and would become categorization strategies: the domestic and international recognition of Cemig.
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