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Cemig is always present in the Country’s social development, sponsoring culture and continued education. It undertakes projects in all cultural segments, with its own resources and with the utilization of tax waivers allowed by federal cultural incentive laws.
The sponsorship policy is organized into two main programs: Cemig Cultural and Film in Minas – Program for Promotion of Audiovisual Arts. Through both initiatives, Cemig works as a partner with the State Department for Culture, which ensures alignment with public policies, a strategic factor for assertiveness in choosing projects that are to be sponsored and, also, in the participation and continuity of structuring initiatives in the field.  
In the last 30 years, Cemig’s investments in social causes have become an integral part of sustainability-oriented management. That means the survival and success of the Company’s business depend directly on its level of commitment to society.
In 2014, investments in culture totaled approximately 39 million reais, which places Cemig among the ten largest sponsors in the Country. The Company supports initiatives in fine arts and in regional and classical music. It is the supporter of seven different museums, of Fundação Clóvis Salgado, of Fundação Artística and of the State’s Philharmonic Orchestra. It sponsors dance, theater and gastronomy festivals and has been a partner of UFMG, UFSJ and UFOP in the production of university extension festivals for more than 20 years now, and finances historical heritage restoration initiatives. In the film industry, the Company has been promoting, for 10 years now, the Film in Minas program, through which more than 158 projects have been awarded grants, among them short films and feature films, documentaries, new formats, literature and the conservation of collections. 
The maintenance of an investment policy in cultural projects is no longer a brand protection tool. It is now an integral part of the construction of the brands and of the reputations of companies. Attributes such as transparency, reliability and engagement must guide actions towards a scenario in which we are no longer the center of the value chain, but rather players within a network of multiple dialogues and stakeholders.





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