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Culture is essential for the expression of people.

By promoting culture, Cemig benefits society with creation of leisure opportunities, as well as preserving the memory and identity of the communities in which it operates, and the Company's own history, since Cemig has strong state e national cultural roots. In addition, it strengthens its reputation among the various stakeholders as a guardian of cultural heritage and stimulates artistic expression. 

 In order to carry out the cultural initiatives, Cemig is a partner of the Secretary of State for Culture of the State of Minas Gerais, which ensures alignment with public policies, a strategic factor for assertiveness when choosing the projects to be sponsored and also in participation and continuity of structuring actions of the area.

Cemig is concerned with bringing culture throughout the state of Minas Gerais, decentralizing the actions of the state's capital. It is estimated that, by 2016, more than one million people have had access to some socio-cultural action through the Company's investments in more than 100 cities and in all regions of the state.

The sponsorships in culture reached a total of 123 projects in 2016 (88 non-incentive and 35 incentive projects), with investments of R$ 11.24 million in total. During this period, there were 278 references to the theme of Cemig's Cultural Sponsorship in the press, with 100% favorable material (including those classified as neutral). This content represented an amount of R$ 2,144,613.23 in content published by the press. 

Considering the printed media, a space of 528,040 cm² was conquered, and 164,500 cm² was originated by incentive material. The estimated return of printed media for the analyzed period was R$ 14.8 million, of which R$ 6.2 million corresponded to the incentive material.

 The Company's partnership with the Secretary of State for Culture guarantees assertiveness in sponsoring, supporting strategic demands and contemplating the attribute of citizenship.


Inhotim Institute, located in Brumadinho, Minas Gerais, open for public visitation, is at the same time a botanical garden and a museum of contemporary art that houses a museum complex with a series of pavilions and galleries with works of art and sculptures exposed to the open air.


A company so passionate about the arts that it was not content to watch the spectacle only of the audience and dared to intervene in the culture with a space bearing its name, Centro de Arte Popular da Cemig (Cemig's Center for Popular Art) is a dream materialized in a pink house, where the expression of the national culture is valued and exposed with beauty and simplicity.

 The Centro de Arte Popular – Cemig, which integrates the Cultural Circuit of Praça da Liberdade, shows to the public the wealth culture of the people of Minas Gerais, through documentaries, photos, paintings, weavings, ceramics and works in wood and metal, an experience of various regions of the State.


In 2008, through a public-interest civil society organization (Oscip), sponsored by the state government, the Philharmonic was born with the audacious goal of being the only Brazilian formation with level of quality and artistic excellence and vigorous programming, the Philharmonic has become a reference in Brazil and is conquering its space internationally.

 The award-winning Orchestra under the regency of maestro Mechetti, has gained its own headquarters at Sala Minas Gerais and has already become a pride of the people of Minas Gerais.


For ten years, Cemig has sponsored the Book Biennial by investing in culture and training of young readers.

The event that brings together schools from the metropolitan region and attracts thousands of visitors brings bookstores across the country to promote works and many books are made available at popular prices, facilitating access by the population.​

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