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Cemig is a company committed to society and the future. Therefore, it encourages projects that promote access to culture, education, and sport and also encourages the social development of the population.

CEMIG's policy of sponsorship is aligned with the SDO * - Sustainable Development Objective 11.4 "Strengthen efforts to protect and safeguard the cultural and natural heritage of the world." In 2018, according to the IDAT (Index of Performance of the Attribute) index prepared by Abradee (Brazilian Association of Electric Energy Distributors), which evaluates the society's perception of the cultural projects promoted by the companies, CEMIG obtained an increase of 5.5 points compared to the previous year, totaling 77.9 points.  It is estimated that, in that year, 3 million people were impacted by projects sponsored by the Company in some 50 locations in and outside the State of Minas Gerais

Cemig Sponsored Projects x Impacted People x Covered Locations

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