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Cultural Cemig
Cemig provides financial and/or logistical support to cultural projects in partnership with the State Cultural Ministry, to structured events and heritage preservation projects, which are the axes of the Cemig program for sponsoring cultural projects.
The program identifies initiatives that allow for the education of the public and training of professionals, in addition to encouraging research and development into artistic languages and gratuity, thus becoming an investment base for the development of the cultural market, not only in Belo Horizonte, but in the interior of Minas Gerais as well.
The majority of the projects sponsored display continuity, reach large audiences and involve participants from various sectors and also contribute towards the maintenance of permanent education spaces.
The profile of the portfolio of Cultural Cemig projects is constituted, mainly, of projects in the following sectors:
• Heritage;
• Literature;
• Museography;
• University Extension;
• Maintenance of assets and collections;
• Erudite music;
• Regional music;
• Integrated arts festivals;
• Arts and Sciences.
Audiovisual production projects are dealt with exclusively within the scope of the Film in Minas Program.


For Cemig, investing in social and cultural projects is not only a question of the quantity of resources, but also the quality with which they are invested. The greater objective is to reach a large number of people, in a continuous and responsible manner, forming networks that allow for action involving the various sectors of society and the artistic-cultural environment.

How to send projects to Cultural Cemig
The projects, which must be previously approved under Federal Law # 8313/91 (Rouanet Law) with their sponsorship capture periods updated for that fiscal period, must be sent, exclusively be mail, to Cemig’s Corporate Communication Superintendence between March and October of each year.
The projects received are submitted to an analysis by a technical team from Cemig and the State Culture Ministry, which was created by Decree 43245 of April 3/2003, which deals with public culture policy in the State.
For the projects selected, the sponsorship funds are paid beginning in the 2nd semester and/or in accordance with the financial release chronogram defined by the Company, observing the provisions of the Rouanet Law fiscal incentives.
Following approval and the definition of the quantity of sponsorship funds, the project proponent/author and the sponsor sign a term of commitment in which possibilities are established. One-year projects are not considered for evaluation by Cemig Cultural program scheduled for the following year.
Regarding projects that have not been approved, there is no guarantee that Cemig will return them, but this decision will be officially communicated to the proponents.
A list of the approved projects will be announced at the end of each year on the Minas Gerais State Department of Culture (Secretaria de Cultura de Minas Gerais).
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