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Art Gallery
One example of the close relationship between Cemig and culture is its Art Gallery, installed in the Company’s head office at Avenida Barbacena, 1.200. The space, inaugurated in the 1980s, provides selected artists with a structure for expositions, dissemination and the cataloguing of their work.
The selection of artists to show their work in the Art Gallery is conducted by a Curator Council formed of professors from Fine Arts University Schools, critics and recognized artists. The Council is sovereign in terms of its choice of proponents. Those interested submit their work via request for submissions published in large circulation newspapers and announced on the Cemig website in the second semester of each year.
The 22ª Concorrência de Talentos with the participation of 66 artists, of whom eight were selected to compose the exhibition calendar 2013 in solo and group shows.In addition to the selected expositions, Cemig also holds other shows during the year: a commemorative exposition for Cemig’s anniversary, with a guest artist and a collective of students from Fine Arts and Design schools in Minas Gerais.
In recent years, big names have passed through the Cemig cultural space, among which are Adel Souki, Eymard Brandão, Fabrício Fernandino, Fátima Pena, Lauro Roberto Lisboa, Maurino Araújo, Orlando Castaño and Humberto Guimarães. Personalities linked to the arts such as collector Márcia de Moura Castro and artists such as Mário Zavagli have created specific expositions to commemorate the Company’s anniversaries.
The Cemig Art Gallery is open for visitation, free of charge, daily, including Saturdays, Sundays and holidays, from 8:00 a.m. to 7:00 p.m. and is located at Avenida Barbacena, 1200 in the Santo Agostinho district in Belo Horizonte


Calendar of exhibitions of Galeria de Arte Cemig 2013
1. Célio de faria (painting). Period: 4 to 25 april
2. José Lara (painting). Period: 30 to 20 may
3. Exhibition Commemorating  of Cemig's Anniversary. Period: May 23 to June 9
4. Andrea Lanna (painting). Period: June 18 to July 8
5. Paulo Schmidt (fotografia e objetos). Period: July 11 to August 1
6. Léo Brizola (drawings). Period: 6 to August 26
7. Leonora Weissmann (painting). Period: August 29 to September 19
8. Thereza Portes e humberto Guimarães (painting and drawing). Period: September 24 to October 14
9.  Angelo Marzano (mixed technique on paper). Period: November 14 to December 5
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