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 In Brazil is concentrated one of the largest freshwater reserves in the world. Surface waters generated in its territory represent about 50% of total resources in South America and 11% of global resources.

Cemig makes use of water resources for power generation through its hydroelectric plants, whose raw material is 100% water. In hydroelectric plants, the water used for power generation is not consumed; it passes through the turbines and immediately returns to the river, following its natural path.

The reservoirs built to hold water for power generation help to regularize the water availability in the river basin. They provide higher flow rates during periods of drought, prevent and minimize flooding during the rainy season.

The weather forecast and the constant monitoring of rainfall and water level in the reservoirs and rivers are essential to the management of the storage volume of hydroelectric utilization. Cemig has a wide network of automatic measuring stations that send data in real time for the operation planning of floodgates and power generation is optimized.
In addition to the regularization benefits, the water stored in the reservoir can also be used for other purposes such as human and industrial supply, irrigation, navigation, fishing, tourism and leisure, providing benefits to the watershed.

In order to promote sustainable water use, the technical team of Cemig seeks constant improvement through training, participation in national and international seminars and in Research and Development (R&D) projects.

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