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social aspect

Cemig’s social responsibility is incorporated into its day-to-day activities and is part of its Mission, which places the theme at the center of the Company’s strategy. As a utility company, the Company’s social strategy encompasses its relationship with society at large, with its internal public, with suppliers, and consumers, in addition to the responsibility concerning its products, services and respect for human rights.

Cemig’s activities within this scope take place by means of social programs, involving multiple stakeholders and the creation of a Social Responsibility Committee, which establishes the social and corporate citizenship directives at the Company.

Through its criteria for the selection and management of social projects, Cemig measures the benefits of the projects both for their businesses and for society, with parameters based on the London Benchmark Group (LBG) methodologies, on the PNQ SA8000 Excellence Criteria and ISO 26000. The “Social Project File” presents, among other indicators, the project’s selection criteria, the degree of satisfaction of society, the benefits for the community and the business, the definitions of targets and the investments, both planned and accomplished. Cemig believes that the success of its businesses and the quality of its products depend on the relationship with its various publics, always seeking harmonious interaction, respecting and considering the needs and contributions of each one.

In its Communication Policy, Cemig has identified the main stakeholders and established directives, criteria and values that guide the relationship strategies. Based on those directives, the Company has developed specific relationship forms so as to guarantee that all its publics may communicate their needs and concerns. In addition to that, Cemig has its Sponsorship Policy that guides investments in corporate citizenship and philanthropy projects, such as culture, sports and support for social institutions. 

Internally Cemig undertakes, through its Human Resources Policy, actions directed at the employees who are important agents of change when dealing with the challenges facing the Company and meeting its strategic needs. 

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