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The "AI6% - Forming Citizens" Program was created to help institutions working with children and adolescents in situations of personal or social risk. The objective is to encourage Cemig's employees to allocate up to 6% of their income tax due to the Childhood and Adolescent Funds (FIAs, Fundos da Infância e da Adolescência), aiming at strengthening social entities that develop unique programs and/or projects to serve this public.

Implanted since 2000, the AI6% is a partnership between Cemig's Inter-management Association (AIC, Associação Intergerencial da Cemig) and the Business Volunteer Program. In addition to contributing to charitable institutions, the Program supports the actions of Cemig's volunteer employees who assist these institutions by raising fund-raising campaigns for their enrolled and "sponsored" entities.

The resources are intended for institutions that work with:    
• Protective actions and protection of the rights of children and adolescents at risk or vulnerability situation;
• Protective measures against violence;
• Programs to combat child labor;
• Support for people with disabilities;
 • Inpatient / Chemical Dependency Programs;      
• Adolescent professionalization programs;        
 • Culture, sport, and leisure;
• Guidance Initiatives, family support and implementation of educational measures.

With several years of success, the program has already been presented in several states of Brazil, for several companies, municipal governments, class entities, universities, seminars, among others.

The 2019/2020 Campaign involved the participation of 1.546 employees of Cemig, allocating resources to 95 municipalities, with the purpose of benefiting 181 institutions. The amount used by the employees was BRL 1.156.462,00 (one million one hundred and fifty-six thousand four hundred and sixty-two reais) and the amount invested by the Company was BRL 4.615.500,00 (four million six hundred fifteen thousand five hundred reais).

In total, BRL 5.771.962,00 (five million seven hundred and one thousand nine hundred and sixty two reais) were allocated to serve approximately aproximadamente 27.000 children and adolescents.​

Evolution of the AI6% Program - 2010 to 2019


Receipts BRL

Number of employees 

Number of institutions

Number of municipalities

Number of benefited children​












2012​ 1.568.000,00 2.460​ 197​ 104​ 28.600
2013​ 1.306.000,00 1.989​ 191​ ​105 28.768
2014​ 1.353.000,00 2.158​ 193​ 102​ 24.814
​2015 ​1.207.000,00 ​1.782 ​196 ​101 24.814
​2016 ​1.311.157,00 ​2.133 ​199 ​101 28.624
​2017 ​1.126.058,00 ​1.757 ​184 ​96 27.262​
2018​ 1.296.488,00​  1.788 ​ ​169  89​  28.725​
2019​ ​ 1.156.462,00 1.546​ 181 ​ 95 27.000​
 Note: The campaign and allocation to the municipal funds are made at the end of each year, and the transfer to the institutions occurs in the following year, according to the rules established by the Municipal Council for the Rights of Children and Adolescents (CMDCA, Conselho Municipal dos Direitos da Criança e do Adolescente).  


In addition to contributing to the implementation of projects approved by the Board of Directors through the allocation of financial resources to the Childhood and Adolescence Funds, Program Management is also concerned with helping the institutions that participate in the AI6% so they can do even better what they already do so well! 
In partnership with the Center of Intersectoral Alliances of Minas Gerais (CeMAIS, Centro Mineiro de Alianças Intersetoriais), until 2017, 64 social institutions were trained through the Journey of Shared Knowledge (JCC, Jornada do Conhecimento Compartilhado). In 2017 a group was held for 11 entities located in the Metropolitan Ring of Belo Horizonte. After six months of the training, a research was carried out, which demonstrates the evolution of the institutions in the topics addressed.
By promoting the contact of institutions with qualified JCC instructors, Cemig contributes to the empowerment of these organizations and enable them to act with an even higher degree of professionalism, making more effectual the actions they develop for the benefit of children and adolescents and the good of society.


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