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Mobile Units
Photo: José Edilberto da S. Resende 
Studies realized by Cemig identified the precariousness of the knowledge on energy use in homes, industries, schools and in agriculture, which can cause different kind of accidents.
The most common accidents are caused by the approximation or contact with energy conductors, rupture or fall of conductors, defects in lightning rods and fuses, short-circuits in poles and contact of trees with the network.
In order to orient the population on how to use energy in a safe and rational manner, in mid-1988 Cemig created the Consumer Information Program, which uses several different forms of communication in order to prevent and minimize accidents with the electricity network.

As part of this program and with the objective to improve the quality of information for its clients and strengthen relations with general public, the Company developed Mobile Units. The presentation takes place in public squares, close to schools, exposition parks and at facilities of large consumers, promoting institutional programs, environmental actions and service delivery campaigns, contributing to disseminate information to the public.

At this moment, Cemig disposes of four mobile units that deliver their service to the population: Energy for Life, Electrotips, Energy Efficiency and the mobile service agency Cemig in Movement.

Every unit covers a specific theme. Every year, they visit about 50 cities in Minas Gerais and all of them show educational movies about the environment, security, energy alternatives and the initiatives of Cemig.

In order to request the visit of a mobile unit, it suffices to send Cemig information on the event, period, hours of attendance, location, access address, contact telephone number, next to specifying the city where the presentation will be held and its distance from Belo Horizonte.
This information should be sent to:
• Superintendência de Comunicação Empresarial - Av. Barbacena, 1200, 19º andar - ala B2, Santo Agostinho, Belo Horizonte, Minas Gerais - CEP 30190-131;
• Silvana Almeida Paiva,  and Emerson Amaral, in the folowing e-mails: and
*The program will restart the activities in the beginning of 2017".


Knowing the Mobile Units:




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