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Cemig’s Environmental Policy

The basic foundation of this policy is the rational use of natural resources with the due preservation of the environment. It defines Cemig’s posture regarding natural resources and establishes norms and mechanisms that make it possible for employees and partners to transform this posture into actions.

Declared in Seven Principles, the Cemig Environmental Policy states the goals that shall guide the work of reducing, compensating for or eliminating the environmental impacts generated by the Company’ actions, so as to guarantee sustainable development.
The Seven Principles of the Environmental Policy:
In order to guarantee sustainable development, Cemig edited its Environmental Policy in 1990. In it are listed the principles and the goals that guide the work of reducing, compensating for or eliminating the environmental impacts generated by its activities.
Principle # 1: In the planning, design and execution of its activities, Cemig takes the environmental implications into consideration.
Principle # 2:Cemig preventively administrates the environmental implications of its activities.
Principle # 3: Cemig administrates the significant environmental impacts of its activities, adopting mitigation measures and adequate practices.
Principle # 4: Cemig seeks the viable valuation of the environment that goes beyond the administration of impacts required by legislation. Nevertheless, the Company does not assume functions that are the responsibility of other Federal, State or Municipal Government bodies.
Principle # 5: Cemig views as an enriching experience the participation of affected or interested communities in all project phases and activities.
Principle # 6: In addition to complying with the applicable government laws, regulation and policies, Cemig may come to complement them with its own rules, if necessary.
Principle # 7: Respecting and valuing the environment is a responsibility of all Cemig’s employees and partners and of its subsidiaries.


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