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The integration of information and telecommunications systems with energy networks opens up new opportunities for the supply of electric energy. This new integrated energy distribution architecture, known as a smart grid, connected to all users in a safe and intelligent manner. This, as a result, allows for a more efficient, economical and sustainable energy supply.

Even though this theme is being discussed around the world, it is still necessary to update legislation and assess the technical and economic issues through the lens of the Brazilian reality, with the goal preparing the technology to maximize the benefits for everyone involved and, especially, for Cemig’s consumers.

The consumer can manage how they use energy as it is being used, and may, as a result, reduce their consumption. In addition, as is already the case in other countries, the Brazilian consumer will be able to generate energy in their residences using photovoltaic solar panels, for example. It means less carbon dioxide in the environment and greater savings for the consumer. In addition to strengthening the relationship with consumers, Cemig will be able to improve the quality and efficiency of energy distribution.

The Company is assessing its smart grid architecture by means of the Cities of the Future project, one of the broadest smart grid research and development projects in Latin America. In the region around Sete Lagoas, 70 km from Belo Horizonte, products, services and solutions are being assessed from a technical, economic and social point of view. This is Cemig preparing to provide even more benefits to society.​


Smart Grid
29/03/2012 15:59 | Duração: 02:42
In the future, energy will be different. On Cemig, this evolution has already begun​


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