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The concession contract signed between public service electric energy utilities and Aneel establishes all obligations and duties before the government authority. One of these obligations consists of investing on a yearly basis at least 0.5% of the utility’s net operational revenue in actions aimed at combating electric energy wastage, which consists of the Energy Efficiency Program run by the Distribution Companies (PEE). 

In order to comply with this obligation, utility companies must present to Aneel, at any given time, through electronic media files, Energy Efficiency projects and Electric Energy Wastage Combat projects, which must be in accordance with the directives established for their development. The directives for the development of the programs are defined by Law no. 9.991 of July 24th, 2000, as well as by Aneel’s resolutions, specific for energy efficiency.

Intelligent Energy

Cemig has the created Intelligent Energy Program, which is a program focusing on energy efficiency. It consists of several multiannual and socio-environmental projects to develop energy efficiency in communities with low purchasing power (in compliance with article 1, section V, of Law nº 9,991/00, included by Law nº12,212/2010)* and at non-profit and charitable institutions, fostering culture change toward the rational use of electric energy.

With actions encouraging the conscious and effective use of electric energy, consumption savings can be made, helping preserve the environment and reduce greenhouse gas emissions. In this way, the program aims to spread information for people to change their habits, by using electric energy properly, which, as a result, preserves the environment and reduces electric energy consumption.

Cemig’s Intelligent Energy is made up of three subprograms:

Energia do Bem: projects earmarked for charitable non-profit entities such as hospitals, day care centers and Nursing Homes.
Conviver: projects directed to consumer units classified as low income.
Eco-efficient City Halls: projects directed to municipal energy management.

* V – holders of concessions and permissions to distribute electric energy shall invest at least 60% (sixty percent) of their efficiency program resources on consumer units benefited by the Social Tariff.

Learn about some of the energy efficiency and conservation programs Cemig develops:

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