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Sustainability: the challenge of growing in a responsible manner
Sustainability has been assuming an ever more important role in companies that want to prosper in their markets in a responsible manner. The great challenge they face lies in the fundamental principle of sustainability: balance between the social, economic and environmental dimensions.
Statistics show that the actions of companies recognized as being sustainable are valued by the capital markets and that their image is improved among their publics of interest.
With regard to Brazil, Cemig is the only Company in the electric sector that has been part of the Dow Jones Sustainability Index for fifteen years, since its creation in 1999 and that has been elected a world leader in sustainability in the utilities supersector.
To Cemig, sustainable development means the search for a better quality of life for the current generation and for future generations. It means ethics, transparency and profitability in its businesses, respect for the environment and social responsibility in its actions. By working this way, Cemig creates value for its shareholders, consumers and society as a whole.




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