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Company and future

CEMIG always works with forward thinking. Therefore, investing in culture and innovation, supporting education, encouraging and providing research material is a value that the Company wishes to have and maintain. All these thoughts and actions are always with a focus on sustainability.

Through a serious policy of investment in cultural projects, CEMIG, in a transparent and engaged manner, participates in the in the cultural growth of the whole of society, either through the program Film in Minas, through the Talent Contest program, or through other sponsorships that create unprecedented opportunities for popular participation in the cultural milieu.
With regard to innovation, the Company publishes annually its requirements for funding proposals, which are evaluated by the company’s technical staff through technological forums. These proposals are transformed into projects developed by an extensive partner network, generating prototypes from cutting-edge technology to the licensing of products with market potential. With this, the Company invests in the creative ability of inventors, and receives, in exchange, new technologies that add value and optimize the processes of the Company, bringing benefits to the whole population.
Thus, for CEMIG, these actions represent the sustainable development needed to create better living conditions for the present generation and for future generations. CEMIG is driving ethical, transparent, and profitable business while respecting the environment and acting with social responsibility. In doing so, CEMIG generates value for its shareholders, consumers, and society as a whole.
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